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Liquid Kangaroo started in the summer of 2014 when I made the decision to document the process of selling and donating everything I owned so that I could purchase a sailboat to travel the world. At 29 years old, I went to work downsizing from my 4 bedroom home in Agoura Hills, CA. I also chose to dissolve my successful software development company and return to my former life as a freelance programmer / videographer / photographer / producer / whatever-makes-money. With the house sold, I bought a sailboat over the internet, packed up my bags and moved aboard in Virginia in the dead of winter.

The summer of 2015 was spent getting S/V Mischief ready for my first trip down the ICW to Florida and in November 2015, I cast off my lines and started heading South. This trip served as a great shakedown cruise aboard my new vessel. Alot was learned about myself and Mischief, and it helped to acquaint me with all of her systems.

In June of 2016, I made the decided to return to California with Mischief in tow. I am now going to be sailing around and exploring the West coast while I prepare the boat --and myself-- for a long circumnavigation around the world, starting from my home town. I wanted to prepare for this new journey close to friends and family. Who knows what the future holds!

I want to freely provide quality content that allows you to experience my journey, and the world, through artistic creations and written pieces. I hope to eventually evolve this into a community of adventurers, by finding like-minded others along the way who also wish to share their unique expressions of travel. It's a big world out there, and I have only taken my first steps.

Peace & Love,


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team member
JT / Agoura Hills, CA

JT has backgrounds in electronics engineering, software development/engineering and video production. He has always had a great love for the outdoors and the ocean in particular. His enthusiam for sailing, long distance backpacking and survivalism fuels his passion for traveling and adventure.

team member
Mamba / Agoura Hills, CA

Mamba is a purebred Doberman who was rescued though a private party around a year old. Mamba thinks he is human. His calm demeanor warms hearts everywhere we go. Do not let his size or your pre-dispositions scare you, my best friend is nothing more than a gentle giant.