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About Liquid Kangaroo
  • Liquid Kangaroo started in the summer of 2014 when I made the decision to document the process of selling and donating everything I owned so that I could purchase a sailboat to travel the world. At 29 years old, I went to work downsizing from my 4 bedroom home in Agoura Hills, CA. I also chose to dissolve my successful software development company and return to my former life as a freelance programmer / videographer / photographer / producer / whatever-makes-money. Ohh... There was also one other thing that I had to do. Learn to sail! Now that the house is ready to be listed I am spending fall/winter 2014 creating this experience and tying up loose ends.

    With the first part of my mission completed, Liquid Kangaroo now symbolizes a free-spirited adventure in its infancy. A primal urge to cut loose, get out and explore everything that the world has to offer. I want to freely provide quality content that allows you to experience my journey, and the world, through my artistic creations. I also hope to evolve this into a community of adventurers, finding like-minded others along the way who also wish to share their unique experiences through quality content. Let's grow this together and see what comes of it. Once live, you will find a features request page on the site. Users can suggest and vote on features that they feel will improve the website and I will work on them in order of popularity when my time permits. Let's put my programming talent to use!

    Peace & Love,