A New Vessel... A New Life!

I was finally able to purchase the sailboat of my dreams, and Alberg 37. The universe came together and things aligned perfectly so that I was able to make this beautiful vessel mine! A true turn key boat at it's finest.

20 Jun 2015 JT 177
Mamba Keeping Watch
15 Jun 2015 JT 0
Cali Bound for Two Weeks

After three months of living aboard, I am back in D.C. for the night as I prepare to fly back to California. As much as I am looking forward to seeing friends and family, I must admit that these last few months have changed me. I never thought I would be nervous about going back to my hometown...

4 May 2015 JT 25
The Black Vulture
17 Apr 2015 JT 19
The Mighty Warrior
15 Mar 2015 JT 18
First Two Weeks Aboard

With my first two weeks of living aboard out of the way, I feel like I have finally found the happy, stress-free lifestyle that I have been searching for!

11 Feb 2015 JT 28
Washington D.C. Bound

Last week the Universe forced my cross country trip in a different direction so now as I write this, I am on a flight with Mamba headed for D.C.

23 Jan 2015 JT 33